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by Isaah at 8:35 PM
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As some of you may have already noticed in-game, on the forums or even in Discord, I have been recently promoted to Staff Manager -- Ryme's old position. Now, although I am in his old position, I am changing things up just a tad from what him and I conjured up prior to the whole shift of things. Although this says "final system", I don't know for sure, this is more than likely going to be the system I use however.

In the following you'll find: Helper Application System, Promotion System, Staff Limit.

Helper Application System:
- Removing the "Month Clause" meaning you can apply for Helper whenever you see fit
- Lowering the "Demotion Clause" from six months to four months to re-apply if demoted
- Lowering the re-apply rate from three months to 45 days to re-apply if denied
- All Helper's must go through 30 days of a trial period before being demoted/promoted
- Each application will be up for a maximum of fourteen days before it is automatically denied, other than...
by CptAmerica at 4:46 PM
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This is an apology from myself to the whole community.


Lately, I haven't been as active as I wanted to be. I've been working 18-20+ hours a week again, been going out with friends and my girlfriend - just enjoying life and having new adventures. I come back to Gamma as a huge mess: this isn't how I wanted Gamma. It's not what I pictured; rules and guidelines misread and understood, staff falsely banning players, some staff even abusing their powers and not taking the proper steps. Some staff using their relationship to a manager's position at times. All I will say thanks to is the following: JustTh4tGuy and TechParadoxUSA. There has been many issues with lag/tps/etc: these guys both been helping out greatly. Thank you. GammaMC V3 is not what I want. It was rushed and completely trashed. I'm working on a big project for Gamma. No V3, no V4. Nothing.. All information I can say is. Get ready for something spectacular and new. I'm sorry to...
by JustTh4tGuy at 4:29 PM
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EDIT: We're back online!


You may have noticed that the servers (excluding skyblock/lobby) are temporarily down. This is because we are preparing to future-proof Gamma, add some more space and fix some database errors before the other servers are released. By the time you see this, Skyblock itself may be down, as the whole server (including the website) will be undergoing maintenance later tonight. Thank you for being patient.

While we're here, I'll provide you with a quick list of updates:
  • Improved lag on creative.
  • Banned some blocks from worldedit on creative to reduce crashes.
  • Added a /withdraw command on skyblock!
  • Reset the onlinetime database, you can now do /ot to get your own ontime, /ot get <player> to get theirs, and /ot top to see the top players on Gamma! Old, pre-reset screenshot here.
  • Updated chat again!
  • Bug fixes (fixed crates so they display & reward properly!)
  • And more!
by CptAmerica at 8:24 PM
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Today we have released our Creative server. We are very proud to launch it finally after a few weeks of error and trial. We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do. A known bug on creative is players not receiving their rank like on KitPvP. If your rank is lost on Creative. Just notify a Staff Member and they will notify an Administrator or myself to fix.

Creative Spawn Builders: @Pogg - @Mason (Credit goes to them)

- Cosmetic Menu (All Donators Have Access)
- Vote for 12 hours of world edit (Most Vote on all FIVE links)
- Marriage
- Disguises
- Particles
- And much more.
NOTE: These are mostly for donators sadly.. We are trying our best to think of new ideas for creative every day. So we are open to suggestions. As always!
Now that we have finally launched Creative. We are proud to announce we have made many updates to individual servers and have hit breaking points!...
by CptAmerica at 1:01 PM
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I have decided since it is about to be a New Year that we should have a 50% off FLASH sale on everything on our webstore - http://gammamc.buycraft.net/! This sale will end on 01/02/2017. Now I wish everyone Happy and Safe New Year! New Server Releases and Updates will be coming very shortly to GammaMC, so stay tuned!

by Reese at 10:18 PM
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Hey guys.

I've added a new forums theme. This is the same one we had in v2, but it's been updated. There are some issues that we are aware of and are being fixed. If you see anything weird, let me know. I hope everyone likes this.

by JustTh4tGuy at 6:06 PM
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@CptAmerica has been released from hospital and updates are back to coming often, and should be coming quite often in the future. Here's some updates we made today:

  • /msg looks much cleaner and fits into chat much smoother.
  • /helpop is now a command to ask staff for help!
  • Every bit of the messaging system now goes through bungee instead of per-server plugins.
  • KitPvP's lake has been replaced with glass for better combat.
  • Enderpearls now work in combat, but have an 8 second cooldown.
  • We got the first YouTuber of V3!
  • The server now works from Minecraft 1.8 to Minecraft 1.11!
  • /is top is now working fully!
  • Some general bug-fixes.
  • Some new staff features.
by JustTh4tGuy at 5:35 PM
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I would like to give some updates and information about what's been going on behind-the-scenes to improve and add to the GammaMC network.

Firstly, I'd like to wish @CptAmerica a speedy recovery - he's been inactive for a few days and will probably continue to be for a day or two as he has been extremely unwell and has had to visit the hospital today to investigate what was wrong with him.

While Cpt's been away, @Reese and I have been working hard to provide you with updates and new things! Here's a list of improvements that have been made:

@Reese, our web developer has been chugging hard away to make the website look great for you, which some of you may have notice. Here's some changes:
  • Added snow to celebrate the festive, winter season.
  • Fixed the file uploading glitch! (You can now upload files and profile pictures once again!)
  • Added the new and updated...
by CptAmerica at 2:35 PM
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I would like to announce that we have recently launched KitPvP (Remastered). We have reset and re-done KitPvP 100%. Less bugs and less problems should come with this KitPvP. We did not get a lot of suggestions from players so we added and did our features we thought players would enjoy. Please NOTE we plan on adding Last Man Standing and fix voting on the server. But now here is a list that was added and re-done to KitPvP.

KitPvP Remastered:
- New Map/Spawn (Winter Theme)
- Crates
- Shop
- New Kits
- Duels
- Envoys (Happen every hour)
- Level System
- New Economy
- New Banning System
- CombatLog System
We will try our best to add updates and fix as many bugs as possible.
Hope everyone enjoys and as well, hope to see you guys online!
Also special thanks to @ItzTyler and @TunefulMouse - Without them we wouldn't have got this project done so fast and well done.

by CptAmerica at 4:53 PM
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I know many players of V3 dislike our new KitPvP. You may think there are down sides to it and this is why it's time @ItzTyler and I re-make it and do it correctly. It may have looked well done but truth is.. It was rushed... So we are delaying the releases and updates to servers until KitPvP is back in it's prime. Next week new servers will have the spotlight. I will make a list first of everything that is wrong / what was rushed then make a list of our so called game plan and updates we would like to include to make V3 feel special and different but still have a similar play style.

KitPvP Current Problems
- No Combat Log
- Voting is broken
- No Duels
- Economy
- Donators do not receive extra money from kills
- The Map
- FPS Issue?
- Kits (Non Donators and Donators)
I bet there is much more to this list and I bet everyone could add if I asked what else is wrong, but it's time to move into our plan.

KitPvP Remastered Game...