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Staff Abuse

Discussion in 'Report a Player' started by WH1TEN3RD, Jun 18, 2017.


    I was banned for " I think not " the action I was really banned for was making a hang man. Then naming a sheep, and hanging it. It's like a metaphor.

    Either way, no where in the rules does it state I can't name a sheep after a player and hang it.
  2. Just a little note to add on this.

    I didn't actually break any rule, your personal bias as a staff member banned me (you made a rule on the spot, not actually listed)
    for I have read the rules and it does not state anywhere (hanging a sheep with a players name is punishable by a ban, even if said player isn't online) Honestly. I was a abusive staff member, but I still realize the rules and when rules are being made out of air.

    At least I can know deem you the replacement for my abusive title.

    ps; not actually mad about the day ban. Know I was being a cunt, it's more the moral here. Don't make rules to suit yourself, cheers.
  3. PS; It was all my idea, if sheltierok try's to take responsibility please ignore her.
  4. Who in their right mind would think this is ok? What if he actually is suicidal and this pushed him over the edge? That's not something I'm willing to take the risk about. You never know if anybody is serious about killing themselves until its too late. Don't count on it being only a 1 day ban.
  5. huh.
    You know, this reminds me of how Thomas used to punish people for no reason.
    Like how he muted for a day for "Cuz' and muted Mitch for "lol"

    huh. Weird how things catch up you like that. huh?

    I think it should be a week long ban at the min because all he does is disrespect people and treat them with no care.
  6. I don't know what happened, but I bet the sheep's name was mine, So I hope you're on that rope some day.
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    When you got banned, you got banned for something that should have been common sense. If you are so dumb to think you would be allowed to do that, and then DEFEND yourself about it, then you have brought this apron yourself.
  8. Yup.
    We hung a sheep named C0oper.
    Let's be honest though, we don't feel guilty about it.

    In my mind, he deserves it. Why lie? I never liked him. Even when I talked to him over Skype and pretended to be his friend I still disliked him. I'm not gonna play victim and explain why my sick mind would ever want to do this; it's not like anyone cares nor will listen anyway. I won't waste my breath.

    Did we break any actual written rules? No, but did we do something that probably deserved a ban? Yeah pretty much.
    In defense I could just say "I made a bad decision", but it's also one I wouldn't change.

    Sure, maybe we deserve to be on that rope some day, but trust me when I say it's not gonna happen, sorry.

    Huh, it's funny how people who disrespect and treat others poorly first, get treated poorly ten times worse back. Things just seem to catch up, y'know?

    Well, anyways.
    I don't think I plan to return to Vyzon. Granted I know plenty of people dislike me for what I did, and some are even be completely okay with it. Of course I didn't think that this would be my defining "leaving the server" moment but like hey I'll take it.
    I don't really plan to come back, and I don't think I plan to see most of the people here ever again. Some of you I wont disappear from, but to the rest of you;

    Gracias for a great 5 years!
    Please feel free to dispose of any means of contact with me if I have already not done so.
    I still love my kids and that won't change, and my big kid staff members are amazing people that will take care of you all too.
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  9. This made me cry. I was so happy to see you leave, physical tears came out of my eyes. I haven't been this happy since pokemon sun and moon came out!
  10. @Breezy4G
    Alright, ban c0oper too.
    "So I hope you're on that rope some day."
    He just told me he want's me to kill myself too, or are you some kind of hypocrite kyle?

    "Who in there right mind thinks this is okay" Never said it was, just stated it wasn't against the rules. So again, this is abuse and you literally lost 3 players over it lmao.
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  11. oI, Fuckwit. I'm was simply stating it's technically not against the rules and that the mod set his own rule which is staff bias. But he can literally do as he pleases cause he's Matts bbbfl.

    Also you complain about people being rude and disrespectful yet look at what you've wrote, who fucken brain dead do you have to be? Or did you lose all the oxygen to your brain with a rope around your neck?
  12. I just knew, JUST KNEW that would trigger you xD
  13. And that's exactly why you should be banned too.
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  14. But he won't be lmao
  15. lol
  16. Perhaps once you removes Matt's penis from your mouth, you'll be punished.
  17. Perhaps once you stop fucking complaining, this will all end. I dunno though, just a suggestion.
  18. it's called bribing the officials to not get banned. lmao. you should both just stop, this is both hilarious and saddening. no wonder most people lost faith in humanity. shit like this goes on.
  19. Yeah. thomas, stop whining just because you got banned. And get off that alt of yours.
  20. I just love how you chose to ignore the part directed to you too. Sorry had to say that first.

    Honestly Cooper, I absolutely hate to pity people, but wow, I pity you a lot.
    I'm being so genuine here. People just dislike you so much, and you never had any friends cause you thought it was too much work. You didn't want to have to be nice to people. You really thought you found a place where you could find friends; but you really didn't. This community honestly doesn't like you very much. You're actually pretty alone, Cooper, and I don't think I've ever felt as much pity for someone as I do for you.

    You can try and argue back on this, go for it if it makes you feel better. Please, feel free to offend me and stab at me all you want. I don't mind. In the end, I'm just glad I have people I can rely on, people who actually love me and follow me throughout all the things that go on in my life, and all the shit I put them through. I'm sorry to say it Cooper; but I'm really really glad I didn't end up like you. I apologize for the fake friendship I had towards you, and I hope some day you can be as happy as I am.